Active Vortex Inducing System (AVIS)

AVIS utilizes adaptive vortex generators to improve airframe efficiency through all phases of flight, reducing emissions and increasing overall safety


Creating a marketplace for unique Ethiopian honey while promoting economic and environmental sustainability.

AirBox Inc.

Enabling companies to identify and eliminate security gaps in their use of encryption keys to stop breaches & simplify operations.

Augment Health

Enabling people to know when their bladder fills so they can get rid of their urine collection bag.

Aura Training Systems

Flight training reimagined

Black Medical, Inc.

Innovative, efficient patient warming.

Block Transfer

Your stock transfer agent, built on blockchain


Discover, create and share spontaneous and informal plans with friends


CADe is an intuitive 3D manipulation and shortcut mobile application that pairs with CAD to immediately improve users’ workflow efficiency.


Employers are hemorraging top talent due to poor internships. Canary’s internship review platform fixes that.


CareerBites allows you to experientially sample careers in a matter of minutes.


A Smart Legal Workdesk

circle labs

tool to DIY create your own life-like AI entities (for businesses & consumers)


The Virtual Equivalent to the Stadium or Arena. We are the bridge from passive viewership to dynamic live experiences.


Influencer Relationship Management, Democratized


Covaid provides a request management tool for non-profit groups to promote neighbor-to-neighbor aid and help communities build sustainable support networks.

Danse L’Amour

Private dance lessons to help all wedding dance needs: first dance as husband and wife, parent dances, and general dancing! Let us help you cure two left feet so you don't get cold feet!


Open-source platform for building training data for computer vision

Delta Jacket

A jacket that marries fashion and function to offer the homeless comfort and insulation against the elements.

Diannas Foods

Dianna’s Foods produces snacks and food items that cater to most dietary needs without sacrificing taste and quality. is a force field for your focus time.


A tattoo marketplace,
resulting in DROOL-worthy tattoos.
We’ll get you covered.


EarSighted is a low-cost auditory stimulus detection and alert device as an alternative to current market hearing correctives.


The avatar based client management platform.


Where Physical Therapy Meets Fitness: A Computer Vision Rehabilitation Software


The future of Fan Engagement

FinTech Lab

Banks/Asset Managers/ Hedge Funds/ Borrowers will buy "contract insights" becuase it will help them make better credit and investment decisions


Make meaningful connections in your everyday life and at the airport.


Access Everything

Forenaire Sports

Forenaire Sports is a modern sportswear company designed for Muslim Athletes

Forty Second Sounds

42sAcademy provides therapeutic songwriting After-School programs geared at instilling positive emotional responses and mental wellness among kids (ages 5 to 17) through the love of music.

Freakylamps aka Devtron Rhubarb Device and Design

creative scalable lighting solutions from salvage and discarded materials


Harpie backs up your Ethereum wallet with your brain--if you ever lose access to your wallet, you can recover it with Harpie.


HereSpa is a platform that delivers salon services conveniently to you.


See things differently


Connecting followers, influencers and brands through trivia games.

JoinTech- SwellTech

At sWellTech, we monitor joint swelling to improve patient's wellness.


Enhancing athlete training sessions with deep analytics collected via computer vision.

Klean Cages

A new, easy-to-clean small animal habitat

Loopit Lifestyle Inc.

A location-based travel inspiration platform for easy trip itinerary building.

Magnetic Nanoadsorbent for Nutrient Management

Next generation water purification technology


Play games & chat with friends in gamified versions of real cities.

Mini City

Mini City is a SaaS that unlocks ID and life critical government benefits for the homeless and homeless care providers.


We're making it cheaper and easier to upgrade and customize your drone through modularity.


Neurogram is an ecosystem designed to expand the delivery of neurological diagnosis


On-chain Newsletter Service for Crypto Investors


Talk to customers. Find novel insights. In an instant.


Innovating for a Better Future


Our core business model is to ease access to fitness advice, motivation, and planning.


Develop your entity matching solution fast and painless

PI No More!

An Unobtrusive Intelligent Platform Technology for Preventing Pressure Injuries and Back Pain

Piece Properties

More properties, more information, less time


Find and book the best sports coaches in your area. (Startup currently on-hold; see ask below).

Polymer Solutions Inc

Engineering polymers with degradation and recycling in mind


PubSpot is a community-driven reservation management system for venues to book food trucks for their events and then share that information with their followers like never before.


QIDIAN Smart Goban brings online Go games into physical form and is the best teacher for all-level Go players.


Reimagining Online Education


Bringing dating back to dating apps


Data that uncovers patients' capabilities


Rivue is a platform that allows online teachers to asynchronously send targeted personalized feedback to learners.

Saving Grace Pet Solutions

We're designing a harness for blind dogs that detects obstacles and notifies the wearer so they can safely avoid collision.


Making your evaluation-based decisions easier!

Shape Machine

Shape Machine brings shape-based search (⌘-F) and shape-based replace (⌘-R) capabilities to the Computer-Aided Design / Vector Graphics Applications


Your Premier Cooking Assistant.


Improving dancer longevity through highly customizable pointe shoes that focus on durability, comfort, and support.


The easiest-to-use digital manufacturing platform- track work, improve throughput, & empower your operators.


Changing the way you invest and track your finances.


StrideLink brings simple and affordable wearable technology into gait analysis for physical therapy. is an online platform that connects college students who need a short-term place to live with those who need to find a subletter for their living space.


We are creating the next generation of fuel using air, water, and renewable energy.


We make gyms smarter and more fun


Computational photography for audio

Treasure Quest Effect

Empowering new perspectives


UCook aims to reduce time and cost for cooking in college by helping students find multiple related recipes more efficiently.


Our API platform delivers transcripts of radio conversations between airports and airlines to determine the cause of delays for real-time flights from over 800 airports worldwide.


A modern take on age-old Vedic wisdom through educational and engaging festival kits.

What to Where

A mobile app that provides a personal stylist to everyone right at their fingertips.


Wonderly is a neural search engine that provides AI-curated answers to questions instead of a list of search results.


Low-cost molecular separation with zeolite membranes


πCIT (πChemo-Immuno Therapy) is a Clinical Decision Support tool for personalized leukemia treatment selection and optimization